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State Awards for Supporting Persons with Disabilities in Haiti

The support provided by Jehovah's Witnesses for persons with disabilities in their worship buildings has been welcomed by the State of Haiti, which is adjacent to the Dominican Republic. The believers received one of the awards from the hands of the Prime Minister of the country!

The first award was received back in 2013, when Haiti was recovering from an earthquake that caused numerous casualties and injuries. The Christian Association of Jehovah's Witnesses Haiti was awarded for its worship building in Les Cayes, which was built to meet the needs of the disabled. In December 2015, another award was received for providing the deaf and blind with modern digital technologies, such as sign language videos and educational literature in Braille.

Russian Jehovah's Witnesses follow the high standards of their fellow believers abroad. For example, Kingdom Halls are equipped with ramps, widened doors, and wheelchair accessible toilets. In addition to people with limited mobility, hearing-impaired, deaf, visually impaired and blind people receive everything they need to fully participate in worship services. According to the Bible, mercy is one of the most important Christian virtues.