Мнение со стороны

Nikolay Shaburov: "This is a translation of the Bible. Attempts to assert otherwise are simply ignorant."

"I have an idea about both the translation and the trial. As for the translation, it is one of the translations of the Bible, and it has supporters and those who criticize some particular points. This is natural. There is not a single perfect translation. And I believe that many translations of the Bible are needed. Different approaches are needed. And in this sense, the New World Translation occupies its own, I would say, legitimate niche. Moreover, there are some interesting finds, so to speak. As for this trial, the situation when it is said that this is extremism and that it is supposedly not the Bible, I want to emphasize once again: in the academic environment, one can criticize the New World Translation in the same way as the Synodal Translation. And, by the way, there is still a big question: if we compare with the Hebrew and Greek originals, then in some parts there may be a Synodal translation more precisely, in others - the New World Translation, and so on. But this is a translation of the Bible. Any attempt to claim that this is some other book is simply ignorant. Every person who picks up this translation sees that it is a translation of the Bible. You see, you can argue about some terms, about what the instrument of execution of Jesus Christ looked like. But, sorry, it's up to the professionals. And when they try to tell us that the "cross" is normal, and the "pillar" is extremism, it would be funny when it was not so sad! I would say so. Because we are talking, of course, about an attempt to ban the Bible.

It may seem that I speak harshly of the Synodal translation. It's not that. He played a huge historical positive role, but, sorry, it's been 150-160 years.

There is no reference translation. And I think that it will not be. You see, there must be different translations. Just as there is no normative translation of anything - the tragedies of Shakespeare or the poetry of Byron. In each generation, new translators come and are taken again. And such a book as the Bible ... Naturally, more and more translations will be needed."

Nikolay Shaburov, PhD in Cultural Studies, Professor, Head of the Educational and Research Center for the Study of Religions of the Russian State University for the Humanities.