From left to right, top to bottom: Yelena Zayshchuk, Nina Purge, Kareliya Mamykina, Lyubov Galaktionova, Vera Zolotova, Raisa Usanova, Maya Karpushkina, Olga Opaleva


Hunting the Elderly: Security Forces List Older Women in the Ranks of Extremists

Primorye Territory,   Arkhangelsk Region,   Khakassia,   Khabarovsk Territory,   Kamchatka Territory,   Rostov Region,   Moscow Region,   Ivanovo Region,   Chelyabinsk Region,   Smolensk Region,   Kaluga Region

Special forces rush against a defenseless older woman. As a result of the intrusion, she suffers the pains, requiring the use of an ambulance and hospitalization to deal with her debilitating health effects. For some time, she was under surveillance — her prayers, her reading, her singing, and her talking with others about Jehovah God. In the eyes of security officials, she is an “extremist.” At least 20 Russian women from 60 to 87 years have gone through this scenario.