Volosnikov Sergey

Сергей Волосников

Обновлено: 17 January 2020 
ФИО: Volosnikov Sergey Vladimirovich Волосников, Сергей Владимирович
Дата рождения: 1 January 1977 
Текущий статус в уголовном деле: подсудимый
Статьи УК РФ: 282.2 (1)
Текущая мера пресечения: Подписка о невыезде


Sergey was born in 1977 in Magnitogorsk, youngest of three children. He liked football, ice hockey, and judo in his childhood years. When Sergey was 10, his family moved to Surgut where he lives up to this day. He is a professional driver, and on weekends he likes to play football and volleyball with his friends. For decades he has been trying to live up to Bible commandments.

In 2004, Sergey married Svetlana, a document controller at a university. Together with their son Georgiy they love the outdoors.

Sergey says little about his criminal case and tortures, even among his close relatives, to spare their feelings. Those who are aware of the abuses are anxious and try to understand why peaceful citizens have to undergo such cruelty.